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Boucher, William A.
Bowen, Colin
Bowes, Deborah
Bowker, Ron
Boyce, David
Brand, Cynthia
Brand, George A.
Branton, Graham
Bray, Robert
Breuer, Michael
Brown, Clare
Brown, Cora
Brown, Dennis
Bruton, Len T.
Bryan, Charles
Bryman, Doug
Buildings and Grounds
Bukowiecki, Tony
Burdge, David
Burke, Katie
Burton, Kurth
Butler, C. Hilary
Butler, Ross
Butterfield, Donald
Cadboro Commons Building
Caleb, Diane
Callison, Darcey
Cameron, Agnes Deans
Cameron, Catherine
Cameron, Doug
Camosun College
Camosun College Young Building
Campbell Studio
Campbell, Dave
Campbell, Ian
Campbell, Ken
Campbell, Marcus
Campus Players
Campus Services Building
Canada Wide Photo
Canadian League of Composers Conference
Canadian Officers Training Corps
Cann, Jeanette A.
Capson, Louis F.
Careless, James Morris
Carmanah Valley
Carson, Linda
Carter, Blake
Carter, Kevin
Carter, Mavis
Carty, Howie
Casley, Norman
Centennial Stadium
CERN (Cyclotron Complex )
Chabassol, David
Chadabe, Joel
Chang, Ernie
Chant, William N.
Chapman Photography
Chapman, Pete
Chen, T'ieh-Fan
Cherneff, Robert
Chester, Christine
Cheveldave, Randy
Child Care Complex
Child Care Services
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association
Chinn, Art
Chretien, Jean
Christ Church Cathedral
Christian, Angus
Christie, Kathleen
Christie, Kay
Christmas Classic Tournament
Chudley, Dick
Churchill, Geoffrey
CIAU Indoor Track and Field
Cinecenta Theatre
Clark, Greg
Clark, Lewis J.
Clarke, Marlene
Clarke, Robin
Clarkson, Reg
Clay, Margaret Jean
Clearihue Building
Clearihue, Albert Maitland
Clearihue, Annie Bessett
Clearihue, Etholine
Clearihue, Etholine, d. 1937.
Clearihue, Irene
Clearihue, Joseph
Clearihue, Joseph B.
Clearihue, Joseph Badenoch, 1887-1976
Clearihue, Joyce
Climenhaga, John L.
Clode, Dave
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