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Piarce, Geoff
Phoenix Theatre
Phoenix Summer Theatre
Phoenix Festival '73
Phoenix Building
Phillipson, Joe
Philion, J.J.
Pharis-Ringwood, Gwen
Peyton, Gloria
Pettit, Sydney
Pettersen, Dorothy
Pettersen, Alf
Petter, Chris
Petrie, Robert Methven
Petrie, Jean Knox (McDonald)
Petrie, Dave
Peterson, Oscar
Peterson, Leslie R.
Peterson, Brian
Peter, John
Petch, Linda Schlechte
Petch, Howard E.
Petch Fountain
Petch Building
Personnel services
Perry, Rita
Perry, N.G.
Penty, Alan
Pedersen, Mrs.
Pedersen, George K.
Pechertou, James
Pearkes, George R.
Pearkes, Constance Blytha
Pearce, R. Michael
Pearce, Kelley
Pealo, Wayne
Payne, Robert W.
Pavelic, Myfanwy
Paul, Edward B.
Patterson, Kirk
Paterson's Photography
Pasha, Glubb
Partridge, Bruce J.
Parris, Robbie
Parrett, Roy
Parnall, J. E.
Parliament Building (Victoria, B.C.)
Pallan, Paul
Pal, Izzud-Din
Owens, John
Ovenell, J.
Ostler, William
Osgood, Lawrence
Ormsby, Margaret A.
On Baile's Strand
Oliver, W.D.
Oliver, Marion
Olesky, Dale
Old Maltwood House
Olafson, Lorna
Odeh, Robert
Oakley, E.
Oak Bay Marina Sealand
O'Neill, Eugene
O'Connor, Tom
O'Brien, Robert N.
O'Brien, Richard
O'Brien, Daniel
North, Sue
Norris, Tom
Norris, Teresa
Norris, George
Norris, Ann
Norman, Boyd
Norbury, Hubert
Noble, Phoebe
Njootli, Grafton
Nightingale Photos
Nicholson, Tony
Nicholson, John R.
Nichol, James W.
Newton, Margaret
Newell, Thomas D.
Nemetz, Nathan
Neilson, William
Neilson, Bill
Neill, Pat
National Science Foundation
National Film Board
National Coaching Institute
Nanni, Liborio
Nakava, Y.
Music Stage Band
Museum studies
Murphy, Nita E.
Murphy, Bob
Murdoch, Ken
Munro, Alan
Mulcahy, Seargent- Major
Muir, Walter
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